Why are the results different in September and October 2022?

In September and October, there is a difference between the track record on Myfxbook and the track record on the site. Why?

As you can see, the results don’t look good during September and October and I guess many of you thought that Harmony started to perform poorly, in fact, we made some changes, namely we started trading AUD/NZD from 16:00 GMT 0 (usually we start trading at 19:00 GMT 0). But, unfortunately, we got into a bad period for trading AUD/NZD from 16:00, which spoiled the results for these months.


But also I want to show you how the Harmony works if we were traded as usual since 19:00 GMT 0

In November, we continue to trade all pairs since 19:00 GMT 0 and expect a positive dynamic.

The results are obtained using 1.5% risk per trade (we call this x1 risk). If a client wants, we can set the risk x2-x4 (if there is the necessary leverage)


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